Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another Sewing Adventure

When my wife got me a sewing machine I was a little intimidated. Sure I had made an owl. But that owl has, after only a few months, decided to try and return to the fabric state at which he started .
But after some research and a new fabric store opening here in town I decided to give a pattern a try.
I started with a pajama set, But after cutting the top pattern upside down and messing up enough that it turns out I have only been able to construct a pair of pajama pants instead of the whole set.

So as you can see they look like pants, Which I suppose is a good thing.  But as an absolute beginner I can tell you some things I had a hard time with and the some things I learned in the process.
Pants were pretty straight forward, Fold here put pattern on and cut it out.
then sew the inside of each leg. Easy enough. I wasn't very straight but in the end they came out pretty good. Next was putting on leg in the other and sewing the front and back together.
Luckily I paid attention as I almost started sewing so the end result would have been One leg right side out and the other inside out.
Then I had to make a band or casing for the elastic. Not too hard but I did find that trying to pass the elastic past the raised areas where I joined the legs to difficult. That and I'm not really sure how you sew this easily. I felt like a I did this wrong but somehow managed to get it to go in a straight line all the way around the waist.
Then it was time for the hem. I'm not sure but I managed to get it sewn from the inside, But to me this didn't feel quite right and it was not that much fun trying to sew a straight circle from the inside of a tiny leg hole.

I finally finished a pair of pants in about 2 and 1/2 hours. No mass producing of toddler pants anytime soon for me. on a side note I had to refill my bobbin twice. I didn't realize how much thread is in one piece.

One of the final steps is to have the person try out the item you made. Now I had followed the directions for the size it that was supposed to fit my daughter. I made sure I used the 5/8 of inch seam line and did the 1 1/4 hem and waist line. But when I put them on my daughter for a test run, They went to her armpits, and hung past her feet by about 4 inches.
As you can see they came out a little big.
My wife says I can take them in and hem them up some more.
Which will probably take me quite a bit of time to figure out how to do.
But at least they look like pants, although it was supposed to be a whole set,
I did learn that I should measure the kiddo before cutting out the whole pattern :)
or Ashlynn can wait about 8 months before she can put them on.
Next sewing project will be to make a matching puppy from the left over material.
Then another set for the kiddo.
For some reason the wife wont let me make things for her lol.