Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Soft Etsy Store Re-opening

I finally have my shop open again.
Well sort of. Since I was on a long vacation from Etsy I feel like I am able to re-open the store so it is bigger and better. I hope to have it reorganized since before I closed I had a sparse collection of different items. I only had 17 of 52 scents in soap, about 30 of the 52 scents in baby jar candles and only a few of other items.
My goal starting this week is to do as many soaps as I can.
For example since Fall has seemingly come upon us, I decided to do all of my fall scents first.
Anyhow so here is my plan for my shop, and I hope some of you reading become re-interested in my shop.
Soaps first and foremost,
As you can see if you click on my shop I have a few on there 17 ish to be exact, I will be re-working some of those today as well as adding some new ones if my label software decides to work.

First and foremost I will be doing one size from now on with all regular soaps I will offer, They will be a nice sized 4 oz square bar. Some samplers will be smaller size so customers can try out a collection for less costs. Those will be added and later on.

Well I am sure that most of you that read my little blog are more interested in the scents that will be coming out this week so here goes.

Fall Collection to be fully out by Sept 15th 2011

Apple Cinnamon  ( limited edition of 5 of these soaps will be made )
Apple Jack and Peel,   a great scent with blends of Red Apple, Cinnamon, Clove and Orange
Apple Pie,    Just amazing
Autumn Lodge, formally ski lodge.  Blend of Woods, Fir Needle, Patchouli, Vanilla
Orange and Grapefruit
Harvest Berry
Maple Pecan Struesel
Pumpkin Pie
Spiced Cranberry
Vanilla Buttercream,

These 12 new soaps will be awesome and our new home here already smells amazing with the soaps being made
There will be an additional 5 brand news scents coming out next week as well.

and the last bit of exciting news from my etsy shop is all new soaps will be detergent free in either goats milk base or a clear glycerin detergent free soap.

I will also be returning to the Etsy groups I was involved in before our big family move and changes so look out for me in there. I'm pretty excited to be finally back in the handmade community and as a thank you readers of my little blog, I would like to offer this coupon code upon check-out if you decide to try out some of my new soaps.
USE CODE 10411 for 10% of your order, I wish I could do more but I am rebuilding everything and every penny counts.

I look forward to all or any of your comments, and look forward to a blog tomorrow about refinishing a great furniture find in our nice new little town.

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