Wednesday, May 4, 2011

After the Storm, Shop announcement

Hello again everyone, Being one week since 66 tornadoes ripped through Northern Alabama we are finally getting power restored to my area. Its hard to imagine that 370,000 people have been without power for the last week.
Since Wednesday night until Monday morning our community here in Huntsville was powerless. Where I live was lucky, and only a few blocks from my home saw quite a bit of damage. Although not as bad as many of the towns ripped apart by huge tornadoes, the entire area from where I live to about 140 miles away was impacted greatly.
Did you know that a refrigerator with-out power can stay somewhat cold for only 24 hours. The same with the freezer. If it is full, and if you do not open the doors. Since Ice was near impossible to get until recently keeping any refrigerated food was impossible.
Take a moment a go to your refrigerator and freezer, Look around, and imagine tossing everything but perhaps canned soda out of the entire thing. Now multiply by 370,000.  Eggs, milk, cheese, previously frozen meats and more. Even most of the grocery stores, and resturants had to throw out so much food.
My family alone I estimate had to discard 3 large trashbags of bad food.
Just this alone has hit our family pretty hard. I can only imagine the poor families that lost everything.

This week I am collecting items such as baby clothes and towels from our area to donate.

I am also going to use 50% of any sale from either my or stores this month to donate to the Red Cross here. I would love to offer more but our family is having a hard enough time as it is trying to return our family to normal. I am doing the donation from my shop sales because I want people to get something for helping and didnt want the friends I have made through Etsy and everyone else I had met through my life to feel like I am asking for hand-outs. I would ask people that read this to donate as little as one dollar to help the disaster relief in Alabama to perhaps Red Cross, or other venue. It is my hope that I can help others in my area.

I thank you for reading and will post updates as I get extra time to do so.
I am very thankfull to everyone for keeping us in your thoughts and that our family was able to be safe.


MYSAVIOR said...

Wish I could do more♥


Robin Norgren said...

I will be spreading to word! What a great idea!

luvncrafts said...

Praying for the People affected by the tornados!!
Right now I am giving 15% of my artfire studio sales, through Samaritans Purse, to the relief efforts there in AL.
Will spread the word about your shops.