Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Barnum and Bailey Parade.

When you think of Barnum and Bailey Circus and a Parade, What do you think of? We thought the "Greatest show on earth" this is will be pretty neat. Although I thought it was a but strange that a parade for the circus was at 10:30 Am on a Tuesday. The wife and I figured it would be neat for Ashlynn to see this Parade as the prices for the actual circus are quite high we figured this a fun free alternative.
We had breakfast and I attempted to get her excited that about where we were going. I was pretty excited myself. I mean when you think of a parade for the circus you think clowns, elephants, maybe the ringmaster surrounded by jugglers and if your lucky someone shooting flames from his or hers mouth.
The parade was scheduled to go from the train depot to the Von Braun Center. Which is a nice little route through a few blocks.
We had been to the Christmas parade there and had a fun time.
Anticipation getting the better of  me we left the house a little after 9:30 so we could get a good spot and before they blocked the roads.
We arrived a little after 10:00, ( I had to stop at the Post Office ) and I pulled out all of the things Parents need to pack in case of a baby melt down. Snacks, something to play with, a drink. all that stuff. We ended up getting a spot right next to the road and at the very beginning of the parade. There were quite a few people there already and as we waited many more people showed up. I figured there to be about 300 people waiting at the beginning of the parade route. You could see the trains and there where about 15 police cars already waiting.
You could feel the anticipation building as 10:30 arrived and passed,
Its seems Huntsville is really that good about being on time with things.
and then 20 minutes later the parade started.
31 seconds later the parade was over.

The parade that had been promoted through the news radio and paper consisted of 5 elephants led by a truck.
There were more police officers and animal handlers than animals.

I was very surprised that the greatest show on earth could give us a little more, Perhaps a clown or a horse or something. Everyone who had taken the time to come see this Parade seemed to be a shocked as I was.
I would have taken more pictures
But this was all I had time to capture

 Oh well at least we got outside for a little fresh air, and got to see an Elephant.


MYSAVIOR said...

Jeepers Joe! That is very weird especially from Barnum and Bailey.
In NYC they don't even have a parade when they are at Madison Square Garden. Maybe it was a blessing! Kids sometimes get scared by clowns! :o)


sammysgrammy said...

Well, you don't get to see a real live elephant every day. I think, even though it only took a half a minute, she'll remember for a long time when her daddy took her to see the circus elephants.

#2 - don't buy all the hype and spin that TV jocks put on everything.

Donna (Twinmountainpottery) said...

I have taken my kids to the Shrine Circus every year nearby - it isn't quite as expensive but a pretty good show. I don't think the circus is as exciting as it used to be - maybe that's because I have seen it several times or just getting old. I agree your little one will still remember it as a fun day seeing the elephants.