Friday, February 25, 2011

Second Attempt This time a complete outfit

This time I completed an entire outfit. Not without flaws of course.
I did measure better as you can see it pretty much fits.
However the top part took me an amazing 6 hours to complete.
I did mess up quite a bit, and let me tell you straps are no fun for beginners.
I did use a trick that a friend told me about on here about using a safety pin.
It worked wonders on the elastic, and even worked with turning the straps right side out. Although it took me 2 hours to figure out that part.
I also would have to admit that pattern companies are trying to mess with me.
I follow along like I am supposed to then get jumbled up and confused at one step in the process every time. If I didn't follow a pattern I would have done it totally different, But then again The top would probably not have looked like it does if I had done that.
I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. I need to work on my technique in many areas, but I am learning a bunch of things as I go through this learning process. One example is how valuable You Tube is.
I didn't know what casing meant or under stitching, but a quick search sent me in the right direction.
I think these easy sew patterns are not all that easy, But then again most people attempting them probably have a least a little knowledge of how sewing works and such.
The pants went by fast this time. Although the crotch doesn't exactly line up with the front and back. Somehow I think I missed something, But I did not notice until we did a test wear and they were pretty much finished
Well now I guess its time to see if they hold together through the wash, Which I am kinda nervous about since I might have missed a back stitch or something along the way.
WE shall see.
Well here is the a few pictures with my test model.
Perhaps the wife will let me make her something. I guess the washing machine and baby testing will have to see if that will be a Go or not.
Have a great weekend and thanks for reading


MegsCrochetJewels said...

Way To Go Joe!!!

Looks great!! Fingers crossed that it makes it through the wash and the wife lets you make her something:)

You have much more patience than I do!! Six hours!!! I would have soooo given up!!

MYSAVIOR said...

The outfit is just adorable! Great Job!!!


PaintedMemoriesByRosella said...

Joe, you're doing great! She looks so cute in your outfit. I used to make all of my girls' clothes when they were that age and even into the first and second grade. I also made their prom dresses. So you've got a lot of time to practice! :))

sammysgrammy said...

Joe, you did a great job and she's a great little model. You'll be a pro at it in no time. It'll save you lot of $$$$.

ShadowCutter said...

aww so cute

Angels and Everlastings said...

Joe, Don't despise small beginnings! Your daughter looks so cute in the outfit you made her --- although she could look cute in a potato sack. She's a cutie!

UUendy said...

You did a VERY good job!!

Here is a simple way to turn straps or anything else narrow. When you put the right sides together include a piece of yarn or string a little longer than the strap and sew it into the end of the strap but make sure it doesn't get caught in the side seams. When you are ready to turn it -hold the strap a couple of inches above the sewn end lightly and pull the "string". It will take a little practice to get the strap to "roll" over the string but it takes seconds to turn it.

Good luck in your next attempt!

Lisa said...

Adorable outfit, adorable model! I applaud you for your persistence- you will become a wonderful seamster, of that, I am certain!

circleinthesand said...

oh my goodness, the outfit is toooooo cute!! Good work!! You'll be an 'old hand' at this sewing in no time!!!

Anonymous said...

Great job! I hope it makes it through the wash. I'm learning some new bead techniques, and was getting frustrated at the things the book didn't tell me, but now I've decided it's like using a cookbook -- it's assumed you have some basic experience/knowledge (even the ones that purport to be for beginners, usually). Sounds like sewing patterns are the same way.