Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another Sewing Adventure

When my wife got me a sewing machine I was a little intimidated. Sure I had made an owl. But that owl has, after only a few months, decided to try and return to the fabric state at which he started .
But after some research and a new fabric store opening here in town I decided to give a pattern a try.
I started with a pajama set, But after cutting the top pattern upside down and messing up enough that it turns out I have only been able to construct a pair of pajama pants instead of the whole set.

So as you can see they look like pants, Which I suppose is a good thing.  But as an absolute beginner I can tell you some things I had a hard time with and the some things I learned in the process.
Pants were pretty straight forward, Fold here put pattern on and cut it out.
then sew the inside of each leg. Easy enough. I wasn't very straight but in the end they came out pretty good. Next was putting on leg in the other and sewing the front and back together.
Luckily I paid attention as I almost started sewing so the end result would have been One leg right side out and the other inside out.
Then I had to make a band or casing for the elastic. Not too hard but I did find that trying to pass the elastic past the raised areas where I joined the legs to difficult. That and I'm not really sure how you sew this easily. I felt like a I did this wrong but somehow managed to get it to go in a straight line all the way around the waist.
Then it was time for the hem. I'm not sure but I managed to get it sewn from the inside, But to me this didn't feel quite right and it was not that much fun trying to sew a straight circle from the inside of a tiny leg hole.

I finally finished a pair of pants in about 2 and 1/2 hours. No mass producing of toddler pants anytime soon for me. on a side note I had to refill my bobbin twice. I didn't realize how much thread is in one piece.

One of the final steps is to have the person try out the item you made. Now I had followed the directions for the size it that was supposed to fit my daughter. I made sure I used the 5/8 of inch seam line and did the 1 1/4 hem and waist line. But when I put them on my daughter for a test run, They went to her armpits, and hung past her feet by about 4 inches.
As you can see they came out a little big.
My wife says I can take them in and hem them up some more.
Which will probably take me quite a bit of time to figure out how to do.
But at least they look like pants, although it was supposed to be a whole set,
I did learn that I should measure the kiddo before cutting out the whole pattern :)
or Ashlynn can wait about 8 months before she can put them on.
Next sewing project will be to make a matching puppy from the left over material.
Then another set for the kiddo.
For some reason the wife wont let me make things for her lol.



AllisontheImp said...

She's gonna grow so fast you'll need them soon enough. Just hold onto them for a year or two.

Lizzi said...

If you measure the "subject" lol you can kinda see on the back what size you should make because they have like a chart that tells you. Also, did you use a safety pin to pull the elastic through the casing? It's by far the easiest way :-) Good job on your first pair of pants!!

MYSAVIOR said...

Excellent job, Joe. She will grow into them.


Anonymous said...

That's great! She'll grow soon enough. And if it's any consolation, my neighbor is an experienced sewer, and she still made pants too big for her daughter (after measuring!). :)

Shell said...

Such a cutie pie you have there Joe! She'll grow into them before you know it!


Lisa said...

Hey, they do look like pants! I find that I learn a lot more from my mistakes- you will always measure your subject for now on, and you got a priceless picture of your cutie!

Homemade Zen said...

I think you did a good job! I'm with others, she'll grow into them :-) And you learn so much from trying things out and making mistakes as well.

Megs said...

I really enjoyed your story!! Sewing is not my thing although I would love to have more patience with it, so kudos for you for sticking it out and finishing those pants!!

Anonymous said...

Wow - I'm delighted that they came out so well. Hey, I took home ec in school and you did a better job on the pants than I can :D

The Good Ole Days said...

You're such a great daddy, Joe. Just hold onto them, she'll be big enough for them in no time. Nice job. Please post a pic of her in them when she gets to wear them.