Monday, November 15, 2010

Lets get organized. Section Number 2 Morning Get up and Go

So far we have gotten a basic notebook setup, and you may have added or taken away a few things.
Today Ill be going over a morning routine I do each day to kick start my day.
It may seem like alot each morning and If you want to take it slowly and easier at the start try to do at least 3 things you can build each week. Especially after we are de-cluttered and have a good routine going. Remember that there is no reason to stress about not getting your routine finished one day or missing a few things on your list. I didn't get unorganized or messy house overnight. so I cant expect to get clean and organized in one day. I have determined my de-cluttering and organizing will take a few months.

Anyhow I'm going to tell you my morning routine. You can use this or adjust it to your needs.

Morning Routine
1. Get up and make bed, Unless there is someone else still in there
2. Shower, you can wipe the walls after your done, Or use one of those shower things.
3. Brush Teeth and get yourself ready for the day.
4. Give the toilet a quick swish, and If you can leave this room for the day. For example if you have a master bathroom you can be done in this room for the day, Leaving less to organize and clean later.
5. Get dressed as if you might go out, You don't have to go anywhere but I feel better if I'm not in pajamas all day. Take laundry to washing machine and get it started. * If needed, I usually do laundry twice a week.

B. Kitchen.
The kitchen should be fairly clean from your after dinner routine ( coming later ).
1. Empty Dishwasher.
2. Make coffee, and make Jens lunch, snacks and breakfast. ( more on this later too,)
3 Prepare Ashlynns Breakfast and milk.

C. Organize the day.
1. Check Calender
2. Make list of to do things for the day. Don't overdo it, Start with 3-5 things and add as you get more organized.
3. Thaw items for dinner and make sure you have everything needed.
4. Check emails, Etsy,( for orders ), and other important online things,  Try to refrain from spending alot of time. Its more of a check to see what you you need to do for the day.
5. Check Ashlynns changing station. Refill as needed.

D. Quick personal time.
1. Take vitamins
2. sit down
3. Eat breakfast,
4. Morning brainstorm, meditation 15 minutes or so.
5. Reply to emails, social networks, your business, family etc. 30 Min's
6. Clean up after breakfast now, It is easier to do when fresh and not dried on.

Next time Ill add in my weekly chores. Mon through Fri.

Remember this is your own organization and lifestyle, I'm just trying to help out and showing my ways of doing things. Ive noticed I have much better days with doing things this way, and I can get much more accomplished through out the day, Such as this blog :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lets get organized. Stay at Home Dad's Guide to staying sane.

For the last two weeks I have been writing down and perfecting "my" way to get organized. I wanted to share it with people and perhaps help others get organized too.
I call it the stay at home dad's guide to staying sane.
Being a stay at home dad is quite trying, but I'm learning things along the way. On a side note knitting is hard, More on that later.

For today I want to start with the basic setup to getting organized. I scoured the Internet, book store and libraries and think this method is great way to start a new trend or routine.
Since the average routine/habit takes about 27 days to kick or get started I'm going to take it very slowly.

So to get started we need some supplies. As most of you are crafters and fellow etsians I would say you probably have this around the house already.

Today we will go over the getting started materials and a basic set-up of your "organization station"

Getting Started Materials.
(1) 3- ring binder\
(2) Notebooks
 some paper
A B C dividers
Jan-Dec dividers,
Calender. ( doesn't need to be in binder, but should be visible for daily use)
small notepad
zipper pouch.

You wont need the ABC dividers or Jan_Dec dividers for a few weeks,
You can start with as little as a nice new notebook, perhaps a 3 subject one.

Next you want to set it up into basic categories. Fit the categories as to how it fits you best.

This is how my basic binder is set-up

Daily Routines and reminders
Basic Weekly Plan of Attack
Base Zones- with detailed cleaning list
Grocery Staples list and weekly menu. (with calories and fiber intake)
Most used and emergency number list. It is probably in your phone but good to have a copy as well
Address Book, Again probably in your computer but I find it great to have nearby when needed
Personal = Bills, car repairs, want list,
Not needed but in my book
Etsy section - for brainstorms, new ideas, seo research etc.
Crafts, In my crafts section is either something I'm trying to learn, right now its knitting, Or something I'm am working on for the house.

In the next few posts I'll share what I do to clean, organize and declutter the house. If anyone wants to try this please feel free.