Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Etsy Shops that inspire me version 2.0

This morning I was thinking about some artists that inspired me while I was growing up and in some of the things I do today. I admit I don't paint or draw as much as I should. With my little one demanding time this post will probably take more time than it really should. That being said imagine if I started or tried to do a painting or drawing with her around... Anyhow this morning I decided to search a few names on etsy and managed to come up a treasury that included all of my favorite artists.
Each of the artists inspired me to in different ways and Ill try to explain each one.

First Up is M.C Escher. He didn't really inspire me all that much until a friend of mine in high school had gotten an interest in his work. My close friend has dyslexia but studying M.c. Escher seemed to open his world up and everything made more sense. Some of the work my friend did was amazing. I myself like the twisting and abstract part of his work. This is one of my favorite pieces, and the photo underneath is from an etsy shop I found.

Here is a link to his shop
Be sure to check it out as he has some pretty neat items.

According to his description this is taken in the The Queen Victoria Building is a landmark in the heart of Sydney, known for its elegant design and beautiful lighting.

This print is a 4x6
Photographed by Michael Garbutt in 2009.

Next up for artists in admire is Salvador Dali. In my opinion some of his work is quite out there but some are just amazing to me. I did a piece in school once as homage to his work, Which the last time I heard was still in my school library. :) I should check that someday. Anyhow  I like how he took normal things and stretched or melted them into a very different looking item. Perhaps his work taps into a part of my head that is full of ideas but they are just spinning around inside.
SO here is one of my favorite Dali Pieces.

And here is an etsy seller whom I thought captured the artists in their
Work. This etsy seller is
This shop has so many melting clocks, I would spend so much money in this shop
if I had it. I definitely recommend this shop if you want that wow piece in your house.
Here is their description of the piece
This Dali inspired melting wall clock is hand painted purple. It has a black border and numbers along with a daliesque ant detail. The clock face is finished with high gloss epoxy resin for a durable glass like surface. Made from 3/8 inch Baltic birch the clock measures 15 X 7 inches. Quartz clock movement runs on one AA battery (included). Clock is hand signed by the artist (me).

Next is Monet. I wasn't really a fan until I got a little more mature.
For some reason alot of his work draws me in and relaxes me.
This is my favorite piece.

      This piece is from when later in his life. If you ever look at some of his works I noticed that he really seemed to enjoy water and lilies later on. It may be just me, but perhaps he found this to be calming and relaxing as i feel is portrayed in his work 

This painting is currently in Scotland, which is a place I would love to go one day.   

Speaking of great artists, I look around etsy and see so many great artists I find myself in awe to the works people do. I wish I had some of that talent. 

So I found an artists with whom I thought did a great piece. Which is here . I think the sunflowers and the piece drew me in. I have a fondness for sunflowers currently. I'm not sure why. I think it may be the colors and the feeling of comfort they bring. You should check this shop out for some really neat items. There is a nice collection of October items

Here is the description for this piece
Handcrafted pendant measures 1 inch round (25.4mm) and is created using a deep (3mm) double plated silver bezel. Artwork is covered by a very durable high gloss epoxy resin which both protects and enhances the image.

Pendants are available in either a silver or bronze finish. This listing is for the SILVER pendant as shown above -- please contact me (via "Contact" link on my shop's main page) if you prefer the bronze.

Perhaps My favorite artist/photographer is Ansel Adams. I think some of his work was overloaded to the public a few years back and since his work has been less desirable. I think his works shows calmness and tranquillity with a sense of sadness and loneliness. But I also like how he captured the essence of the US before condos, cell phone towers and such took over our landscapes.
This is my favorite Adams piece

This piece is in my house. Although its only a poster reproduction.

SO I did a search on etsy for Ansel Adams. I was surprised that about on 14 items showed up. They are all great items though but I figured I had to pick one to feature on here.

The artist below left is from  

I think this print closely represents all of the things i discussed above.
and being from Michigan my wife will like it too.
here is the description of this piece

Mountain Lake with Colorado Rockies as Backdrop (5 x 7 Print only)

I was so inspired I created an etsy treasury to include these artists as well as others.

All of these shops deserve some attention and as I know that many items get lost in the sea of etsy items I wanted to show my appreciation to other artists who do great work.



Anonymous said...

What a beautiful post (and a beautiful family)

Thank you for sharing!
(EmKatCreations on etsy)

michelle said...

Great post Joe, and awesome finds!

ClayItAgain / 12MidnightOils said...

Thanks for sharing. I didn't apreciate Monet til I got older too!

MegsCrochetJewels said...

Great post. Really enjoyed reading it! Love the pic of your family!

MYSAVIOR said...

Ansel Adams was a favorite of my daughter's when she was a teen. She loves art that depicts trees.

I am a fan of all the old masters.
Monet was a favorite when I was a young girl.

I am going to go check out your treasury.


Jacqueline Gikow said...

Thank you for sharing those wonderful artists. I love the prints and the floral pendant is beautiful.

Allison The Imp said...

Ah, Escher, Dali and Adams are on the top of my list too. Awesome stuff, dude!