Monday, September 20, 2010

Inspiration for this necklace

I want to share what I do to make an item for my Etsy shop.
First I try to think of a piece that someone can wear everyday.
I get inspiration from Jen, hence the elephant inspired pieces.
She mentions something that she likes and I attempt to make something she would want.
I tend to put to much on my plate of things to do in one day so when I get time to make a piece I always go from start to finish. This usually happens when Ashlynn decides to take a nap. Which by the way is becoming less of an occurrence. She seems to want to be awake at all times even though I am mostly cleaning up, Mostly after her tornado like effect she has on a room. As she is getting older Im finding less time for myself, which i feel is hurting my online shop but that's another blog.

So I usually start off by making the center piece. In this case its a little silver elephant with a green ball in the center. His trunk and tail surround the ball and is an interesting focal point.
I then decided to do a simple chainmaille link to a piece I purchased from a fellow etsy sneak shop.
this allowed the focal piece to dangle and so I could make the necklace part separate. Its a metal swirled piece that reminds me of a Victorian awning on a porch.

the necklace then goes up with linked chain until reaching a secondary focal section with a lavender colored bead surrounded by a metal end cap, Keeping with the slight Victorian feel. Then above that is a round metal piece that has a moon and a star on it.Above that is a wagon wheel type pendant with a lavender-greenish center piece.
Moving up the piece it continues with the chain to the last pendant which has a sort of crown mixed with a flower centerpiece in a pewter colored metal. More chain finishes the piece which is small ovals and circles each placed individually.

They match a pair of earrings. Though for some reason I haven't had much luck with earring I like to make them as well.

The piece is 22 inches when attached at the back, but I add an extender to make it a 2 inches longer if wanted.

I priced the piece at 27.00 although in my honest opinion it is worth more. But as their about 3 million pieces of jewelry on the site I try to make my items affordable to those who actually see it.

I think necklaces are a great way to showcase something I like to do. The colors in this one can be worn with any outfit and I think it would pair well with someone who has a fun personality.

It would be a perfect anytime gift for someone, or as just a simple yet fun piece for yourself. To me its a great autumn transition piece since its colors have bright spots but subtle gunmetal look to ease into darker colors.

I am attempting to take my shop in a new direction and am considering dropping jewelry all together. My goal is to make my shop proffesional clean and organized. I have been doing alot of research so hopefully I will get to implementing some of my ideas.


MYSAVIOR said...

Hey Joe! Great tutorial! Love how your pics are so large. These old eyes can see the details.

I wish I could buy all of your jewelry. I don't think I am supposed to wish this but if I were a millionaire*******I would be giving back so much more.


Angel Scents said...

Good luck with your shop Joe! Also, thank you Joe for being a veteran and fighting for us. I salute you sir!!!!!!


Wendy said...

I like it! Thank you for sharing my item included. I don't get to see what my "stuff" turns into once it leaves my "shop".

Anonymous said...

t's such a tickety-boo site. fanciful, very intriguing!!!