Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Candle of the Month Contest.

From today Sept 21 2010, Until 5:00 Pm EST on 15 October I am having a contest.

I will be starting a thread on etsy called Candle of the month contest.

This is the contest.
The winner will be determined by a points system tracked on the Etsy thread which will be linked on this page.

How to get points.

Any purchase from my shop counts as point.
Any multiple purchase gets a bonus point per items over three purchase.
Any blog, facebook post of my shop will earn you one point (max one per day)

Any purchase over 25.00 total will earn an additional 3 points.

For the forum thread, You can post your shop and I will add it to a list of shops.
Like my last contest. anyone making a purchase from shops on the list will recieve 1 point. here is the link


The prize is a candle sent once a month from my shop.
In each box will be extra suprises which will most likely be a new scent or product I am promoting.

The scent of the month of October is Spiced Cranberry and will be sent out as soon as the winner is announced.

This is a 36.00 dollar value prize and if you choose you can have it sent to someone else on a certain month, Just give me a heads up.

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Anonymous said...

What a great contest!!