Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Candle of the Month Contest.

From today Sept 21 2010, Until 5:00 Pm EST on 15 October I am having a contest.

I will be starting a thread on etsy called Candle of the month contest.

This is the contest.
The winner will be determined by a points system tracked on the Etsy thread which will be linked on this page.

How to get points.

Any purchase from my shop counts as point.
Any multiple purchase gets a bonus point per items over three purchase.
Any blog, facebook post of my shop will earn you one point (max one per day)

Any purchase over 25.00 total will earn an additional 3 points.

For the forum thread, You can post your shop and I will add it to a list of shops.
Like my last contest. anyone making a purchase from shops on the list will recieve 1 point. here is the link


The prize is a candle sent once a month from my shop.
In each box will be extra suprises which will most likely be a new scent or product I am promoting.

The scent of the month of October is Spiced Cranberry and will be sent out as soon as the winner is announced.

This is a 36.00 dollar value prize and if you choose you can have it sent to someone else on a certain month, Just give me a heads up.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Inspiration for this necklace

I want to share what I do to make an item for my Etsy shop.
First I try to think of a piece that someone can wear everyday.
I get inspiration from Jen, hence the elephant inspired pieces.
She mentions something that she likes and I attempt to make something she would want.
I tend to put to much on my plate of things to do in one day so when I get time to make a piece I always go from start to finish. This usually happens when Ashlynn decides to take a nap. Which by the way is becoming less of an occurrence. She seems to want to be awake at all times even though I am mostly cleaning up, Mostly after her tornado like effect she has on a room. As she is getting older Im finding less time for myself, which i feel is hurting my online shop but that's another blog.

So I usually start off by making the center piece. In this case its a little silver elephant with a green ball in the center. His trunk and tail surround the ball and is an interesting focal point.
I then decided to do a simple chainmaille link to a piece I purchased from a fellow etsy sneak shop. http://www.etsy.com/shop/UUendysStash
this allowed the focal piece to dangle and so I could make the necklace part separate. Its a metal swirled piece that reminds me of a Victorian awning on a porch.

the necklace then goes up with linked chain until reaching a secondary focal section with a lavender colored bead surrounded by a metal end cap, Keeping with the slight Victorian feel. Then above that is a round metal piece that has a moon and a star on it.Above that is a wagon wheel type pendant with a lavender-greenish center piece.
Moving up the piece it continues with the chain to the last pendant which has a sort of crown mixed with a flower centerpiece in a pewter colored metal. More chain finishes the piece which is small ovals and circles each placed individually.

They match a pair of earrings. Though for some reason I haven't had much luck with earring I like to make them as well.

The piece is 22 inches when attached at the back, but I add an extender to make it a 2 inches longer if wanted.

I priced the piece at 27.00 although in my honest opinion it is worth more. But as their about 3 million pieces of jewelry on the site I try to make my items affordable to those who actually see it.

I think necklaces are a great way to showcase something I like to do. The colors in this one can be worn with any outfit and I think it would pair well with someone who has a fun personality.

It would be a perfect anytime gift for someone, or as just a simple yet fun piece for yourself. To me its a great autumn transition piece since its colors have bright spots but subtle gunmetal look to ease into darker colors.

I am attempting to take my shop in a new direction and am considering dropping jewelry all together. My goal is to make my shop proffesional clean and organized. I have been doing alot of research so hopefully I will get to implementing some of my ideas.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Etsy Shops that inspire me

Its been a while and Ive been planning but not doing much of anything.
Today as a refresher and my small way of showing support to only a few of the shops that inspire me and that I would like to be more like I'm showcasing 4 Etsy shops which whom are great people.

First is http://www.etsy.com/shop/MYSAVIOR Sue is such a kind and caring person. I have one of her prints in my dining room that just makes people smile when they see it. If you look at her shop she has 52 sales but 585 Feedback. She is such a great contributor to etsy and everyone she comes into contact with.

This is my favorite piece.

Next up is a shop like mine but she does very well and works super hard. http://www.etsy.com/shop/LilacAve . Lilac has great photos detailed listings and one of a kind molds. I can almost smell her products from the screen in front of me. She is part of the etsy homefront team which is a great group for military spouses, active,retired and has a great collection of people. Lilac has taken time from her schedule to help me in my shop and this is my favorite piece from her shop.

My third favorite, In no order though since all of these shops are amazing. Is
http://www.etsy.com/shop/PaintedMemoriesByRos . Her artwork is amazing, I wish I had a copy of every one. Painted is also a very caring and giving person. More so than any other person I have ever met. I had a contest were part of the sales generated went to a care package for soldiers deployed, which she won, and she gave her prize plus donated so that I was able to send a very large group of care packages to troops.

My favorite piece is this one.

Last but not least is http://www.etsy.com/shop/UUendyandFriends . Wendy is another very kind and caring person. She takes time out of her schedule to help me with ideas or give me advice about something. She is always a great supporter and never seems to be to far away. Her shop is full of fun items that in my mind carry over unto etsy the type of personality she has in real life.

This is my favorite piece from her.

I hope you enjoy my little treasury of a great collection of shops on etsy.