Monday, August 2, 2010

How did they do it, Moms of the past

Here is my question. How did the moms of the past deal with a 15 month old?

My daughter has so much energy and moves like a deer in the woods. Ashlynn is only 15 months old but if I were to take my eyes away from her for 5 seconds she would manage to get everything out of a cupboard, have strewn every one of her toys from her toy-box to every floor of our home. to include ordering every pay per movie on our television.... She seems to know everything she isn't supposed to do and more, but unfazed she manages to get into it just the same. My question is since I have all the new age tools and technology to cope with her how come its still such a monumental task? And How did stay at home moms of the past manage with-out going insane.

For example our family room and living room are lower than the main floor of house. We have gates that our master escape artist can maneuver over and around better than some soldiers I was in charge of.
So if I have these safety gates in place and still cannot contain my child, How in the world did the people who were lived in the cliff caves of Arizona keep there children from attempting to escape from 40 feet above the ground. Or for that matter how did the women of the plains and wild west era keep their kids from anything in the matter of trouble. The moms of the past had a much more monumental task of cooking, cleaning, etc. Let say that a mom of the past is churning butter, Or going to the barn to kill,pluck,gut and prep a chicken for dinner. Who was watching the kiddo or for that matter where did she find the time. To make everything from scratch, keep the house clean, raise usually more than one child, always help with the farm or whatever. Take a look at little house on the prairie. That lady would make sure her kids got to school, would take the carriage to town, clean up the cabin, make sure her husband had lunch in the field, then managed to make dinner keep track of her kids, usually help someone else out in some way and everyone was in bed by dark.

Or how about having to wash all your clothes by hand, to include diapers. I cant even get a stain out of my shirt. I cant imagine get a stain from a diaper, by hand.

Maybe its the times. We put some much on our plates we get stressed to complete anything. or never get that list of things to do done. Sure people of the past had smaller homes, Less distractions from daily life. IE TV, Internet, a sometimes successful on-line shop :). But they also made home-made pies, bread. had to get horses ready instead of just turning a key to start the car.

For my family, just going to the lake is a task in itself. First make sure we have chairs, cooler items, snacks, lunch, water, gas. Sunscreen, hats, bathing suits. and toys. All of this collected into the car loaded up, drive to the lake (45 Min's) and spend about 2 hours there. It makes me laugh when I think about it taking 2 hours to get ready to spend 2 hours at the lake. Then since it was hot the rest of the day we feel all lazy and tired.

When I make homemade bread, I put all the ingredients into a machine and push a button. But when its done everyone is like, How wonderful. :)

It takes me 3 days of the week M,W,F to keep our house up to my standards. Granted I may be a little clean obsessive, but there are only three of us, and a few cats.

Thinking about all of this make me appreciate the fact that we have in pretty easy in comparison. If we need something it is always just a click away. Or a short trip to the thousands of stores that have what we want but do not always need.

I still would like to know how these women were able to do it back then though.
Maybe it was easy for them, since back then I imagine things moved a little slower and pressures and stressed where not as great. Or maybe its because I'm a new stay at home dad and all the mom out there have the down-low on how things work.

Whatever the reason, I welcome the challenge as I can feel like I accomplish something each day. Even if its picking up after my indoor tornado that is my daughter.

My wife appreciates me, and people seem to be happy with items I get the pleasure to make and sell. My daughter is normal, growing and smart. I guess its not all bad.

I suppose I have done pretty well so far here at 35, Ive traveled the world, Been in combat and made it home safely, Taught and trained soldiers with whom I still am friends with, Have a family, and a nice home.
I also have a wonderful wife who supports me. I am still not a fan of being the one who needs supporting but she enlightened me to all the task I do for the family and we figured it out. If stay at home parents were paid to be stay at home parents we would be upper level big shots with an nice income. But we do what we do, and live how we live.

I'm sure everyone has the own personal goals, Like mine are to be successful in the crafts I produce to help out my family and be a means of support again. But more likely to happen would be to return to school when ashlynn goes to school, even though Ill be 40.

Well, I seem to be getting off my subject so its probably a good time to close.

In the end I have much more respect for parents of the past. We have it easier now than even 25 years ago. Perhaps we overwhelm ourselves with trying to maintain to many tasks at one time. As a whole I think everyone should slow down, relax, take time to smell the flowers at that super-store, Or forgot that super-store look to your own back-yard, or balcony for those flowers. Perhaps be more self sufficient, support others who are in the same boat as you.
Just be happy with you.
Help others when you can, Which in turn lets them help others. Making it a chain reaction of making one person at a time smile.

Ok Im done now. I'm definetly starting to ramble. And since its monday the house isnt going to clean itself


MYSAVIOR said...

I had 2 girls, 17 months apart. It was in the 1970's which I have to say are a complete blur for me. lol
It was hard a times. I had to work outside the home when my youngest was 3. There have been repercussions from that, even now. I had to let the housework go more often than I liked. If I could go back, would I change some things? Absolutely. We can only do our very best and pray!


Happy Hound Creative said...

"If stay at home parents were paid to be stay at home parents we would be upper level big shots with an nice income." AMEN to that!!! This is a tough job!!!
You are right about EVERYTHING!!


Anonymous said...

I don't think life was easy back then either...they had their own set of struggles to deal with...they just coped, which is what we still do today.

Obviously, there were a lot less things to entertain children, but they were outdoors a great deal and also learning at a young age how to lend a helping hand...which brings me to another point.

They had a lot of children. Having one busy child is sometimes a lot more challenging than having two, because they can play together. Throw 5,6, 7 and more children into the mix and you have help, playmates, babysitters, and a lot more!

Keep up the good're gonna be fine!

pfd said...

I really don't think it was any easier then. People just did not share openly about their issues and they wanted everyone to think their lives were perfect. We are just incredibly open! Your family if very lucky to have a home dad like you!

Valerie Shultz said...

I have two boys - BOYS - almost exactly two years apart. They are 4 and 6 now. Currently I'm a SAHM (even though I'm single) and I'm a full time student. Finding ways to keep them occupied when you have to get things done is the best way. When they were babies, I had a cupboard full of tupperware and wooden spoons that I put there just for them to play in and "help" when I was making dinner or doing dishes.

Now, when I have to study, I let them play on their netbook or color or read books beside me while I'm working.

You'll find your own way, and it will be wonderful!

PS- Thank you for your service to our country.

Anonymous said...

HA, I use to wonder the same thing. When reading the Little House on the Prairie books I have often said, "what was Carrie doing all that time". LOL

I am usually amazed when one of mine makes it to thier second birthday. (I have 6)

Christie (luvncrafts.etsy)

Amaria said...

I LOVE reading about other people's escape artists and explorers! I have two, and my husband calls them "Seek and Destroy"!

As for the Little House days- they wore one set of clothes all week, washed them on Saturday night and took good care not to soil their Sunday best!
Laura owned one doll. (I spend half my day picking up the abundant belongings my children strew about the house!)

I'm sure there were other pressures of modern life they didn't have to contend with, too!